Document, document, document! If it is not documented, it is not done!

There are several key reasons why documentation is essential. Well-written programs help to ensure continuity of best practices, which in turn, lead to a safe and consistent product. In addition, accurate and complete records will help to demonstrate compliance with[…..]

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Announcing the Release of the New SQF Fundamentals Program

Food safety is a critical component of a successful supplier/buyer trading partnership, and SQFI has created an approach for small to medium size food producers who don’t have a robust food safety program in place that satisfies buyers and retailer’s[…..]

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Conducting a Risk Assessment to Assess Your Environmental Needs

With the release of the SQF Code Edition 8, we made some important changes to strengthen and improve our program.  One of the major changes we made was to the environmental monitoring requirement.  In our May Newsletter, we explore the[…..]

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The Plan is Always Progress and Continuous Improvement

The Plan is Always Progress and Continuous Improvement At SQFI our mission and vision of protecting the food supply chain from farm to fork is again exemplified with the addition of our NEW SQF Food Safety Fundamentals programs.   In this[…..]

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The phrase “fake it ’till you make it” should hold no place in the food industry

Food fraud costs the global food industry approximately $49 billion per year. But what is food fraud and how can you protect your business from it? Food fraud is a collective term encompassing the intentional substitution, addition, tampering, or misrepresentation[…..]

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Using Teamwork to Achieve the Gold Standards of Food Safety

Putting together a successful food safety and quality program can seem like you’re preparing for the Olympics.  It takes commitment, dedication, resources and skills.  Whether you’re training for an individual or a team sport in the Olympics, there are multiple[…..]

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New year, new you! What are your Resolutions?

It’s 2018…and we’d like to take this opportunity to officially wish all of our stakeholders a Happy and Prosperous New Year! It’s a new year…this is a perfect time for a fresh start and to reset some habits and behaviors[…..]

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Don’t Count the Days – Make the Days Count

Food safety has always been a passion and concern of the professionals whose jobs center on the protection of the food manufactured or grown for consumer consumption. As we reflect on our experiences from this past year, we wanted to[…..]

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GFSI Global Market Awards…Apply Today! Deadline to Apply is December 14, 2017

GFSI is reiterating its Global Markets Awards for a second edition. And they are better and bigger this year! The GFSI 2018 Global Markets Programme Awards will recognize five companies from across the globe, that have leveraged the GFSI Global[…..]

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Another Successful and Valuable SQF International Conference in the books!

The 2017 SQF International Conference opened with a bang! With a record attendance of 862, the next few days were an engaging experience that sharpened skills and gave the attendees tools and resources needed to implement, maintain and strengthen their food[…..]

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