How to Get Certified

Achieving SQF Certification can seem like a daunting task. However, SQFI has provided resources to help at every step of the way. With step-by-step certification instructions, training, customer service team, and more, SQFI has made food safety and quality certification easier to acquire.


Pasos para la certificación

Step 1: Más información sobre el Código SQF

There are different available options for learning about the SQF Code:

  • Attend a SQF Information Day – SQF Information Days are day-long, in-person informational seminars designed to introduce food suppliers at all levels of the food chain to the benefits of food safety and quality certification.
  • Online Courses – Our Implementing SQF Systems course is available through our online training center, Alchemy Academy
  • Instructor led Courses – Our Licensed Training Centers offer Implementing SQF Systems courses in many different locations throughout the US and Globally
  • Train Yourself – Our codes are available for free to download and study here
paso 2: Register Your Company in the SQF Assessment Database

To register for an SQF audit in the SQF Assessment Database, click here

Registration Fees:

Clasificación Descripción de la clasificación Cuota en USD
A Primary Producers (farms, ranches, orchards, etc. or FSC 1, 3, 5, 6)   150 USD
B Suppliers with a gross sales < $5 million USD   300 USD
C Proveedores con ventas brutas > 5 millones USD y < 25 millones USD   400 USD
D Proveedores con ventas brutas > 25 millones USD y < 50 millones USD   550 USD
E Proveedores con ventas brutas > 50 millones USD   650 USD
M Organización multicéntrica
    Central   1000 USD
    Cada filial   25 USD
paso 3: Designe a un empleado para que sea el profesional de SQF

The SQF Practitioner must satisfy the below requirements as outlined in section of the SQF Code:

  • Be employed by the site as a company employee on a full-time basis
  • Have completed a HACCP-based training course
  • Be competent to implement and maintain Good Agricultural/Aquacultural/Manufacturin Practices
  • Have an understanding of the SQF Code and the requirements to implement and maintain SQF System relevant to the site’s scope of certification.*

*To learn more about the SQF Code and requirements, please refer to Step 1

Looking for an SQF Practitioner? Why not Hire a Scholar?

paso 4: Choose Your Type of Certification

Please choose either:

Fundamentals (Formerly Level 1)
Food Safety (Formerly Level 2)
Food Safety and Quality (Formerly Level 3)

paso 5: Obtenga propuestas de un organismo de certificación autorizado de SQF

To find  a Certification Body in your area, click here

paso 6: Lleve a cabo una preevaluación (opcional)

Either an SQF auditor or your SQF practitioner can identify the “gaps” between your program and the desired type of SQF certification.

paso 7: Elija un organismo de certificación y programe una auditoría

Select the proposal from the Certification Body that best suits your facility and its needs, then schedule an audit with this Certification Body.

paso 8: Certification Body Conducts Initial Certification Audits

Initial Certification Audits consists of both a Document Review (Desk Audit) and a Facility Assessment (Facility Audit).

The SQF Assessment Database


Training Corner

Need help learning about the SQF Program and how to get started, check out our educational tools and training classes.